What To Expect With Our Standard Cleanings


  • Clean all surfaces & countertop

  • Clean exterior of: refrigerator & stove top

  • Clean interior/exterior of microwave

  • Sweep & mop kitchen floor

  • Take out garbage & recycling


  • Shine all mirrors

  • Wipe down all accessible surfaces

  • Clean toilet, sink, & shower/tub

  • Mop, sweep, and/or vacuum floor

  • Empty wastebaskets/take out trash

Bedroom & Common Areas

  • Dust/wipe all accessible surfaces, including picture frames and lamps

  • Dust ceiling fan blades, light fixtures and blinds/shutters

  • Clean window sills, window ledges, and window smudges

  • Shine all mirrors

  • Mop, sweep, and/or vacuum floor

  • Vacuum couch debris

  • We will make beds (please leave fresh linens out)

  • Empty wastebaskets/take out trash

*Deep Clean Items

  • Dust baseboards

  • Handwipe lightswitch plates

  • Handwipe doors

  • Dust and hand wipe exterior of cabinetry

  • Sweep the entryway

*Extras - Additional

  • Clean inside refrigerator

  • Clean inside stovetop

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