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Deep cleaning differs greatly from traditional basic cleaning in many different ways. While regular cleaning tends to only target the most seen and or used parts of a home, our cleaning experts make sure to clean every inch of your residential or commercial building. Our cleaning crews will make sure to give the same care that we give to the biggest part of your home to the smallest part. Our cleaning staff guarantees to wipe down every surface, sanitize your home or business and do it all at an affordable price. 

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Our Deep Cleaning Difference

Are you fed up with cleaning your home the same way, over and over again? Do you go through the effort of vacuuming and mopping every weekend but still feel like your home isn’t clean? Our cleaners will come every week to deep clean your home, using eco-friendly home cleaning products that are safe for pets, children, and families with allergies.

Our maids are trained in all areas of our specialized deep cleaning methods so they will be able to clean any room at their own discretion when it comes to cleaning specific areas of the house like ceiling fans or light switches. Helping you stay healthy while ensuring a clean home has never been so easy!

We provide deep cleaning services that are more rigorous than our competitor’s basic cleaning. If your home, apartment, or business is in need of a deep clean, our professional maid service will get it done the right way. While a basic clean can make your home look nice it doesn’t actually mean your home is now clean.

The HappyClean Way

The difference between us and the other guys is that we make sure to get into every nook and cranny and disinfect everything to make sure that it is free from harmful germs and bacteria. Our maids are dedicated to helping relieve you of any possible trouble that would come with improper cleaning techniques. Wiping and disinfecting areas that are commonly used but rarely thought about or cleaned helps eliminate any chance of your loved ones getting sick.

Our staff of professional maids offers quality cleaning services that can’t be beaten. Our cleaning service comes in a couple of different flavors and our schedule varies based on what you want/need. For example, we offer weekly cleanings, bi-weekly cleaning as well monthly cleaning. However, you can decide what is best for you and we will work to fit into your schedule, not the other way around. 

A black floor cleaned in a lobby of a business

Deep House Cleaning Services

Our professional house cleaning comes in many different approaches. Our basic residential cleaning provides all standard cleaning and upkeep to make sure that your home is in tip-top shape and ready for you to entertain or simply enjoy your home. Below, our deep cleaning services go one step further to make sure your house is detailed with a fine-tuned, professional hand.

Kitchen and Eating Area Deep Cleaning

Having a clean kitchen is very important and it is very easy to let buildup slide with basic cleaning methods. Our kitchen cleaning services include everything you need to impress your family, friends, and guests when they come over to enjoy a meal.

In today’s world, where many people are constantly on the go, our cleaning professionals can make sure to keep your home or business looking clean at all times so you don’t have to worry. We start by checking for any potential germs or bacteria and will then disinfect every surface that can possibly need it. Our cleaning procedures will make sure to eliminate grime and grease so you will have the best tools possible to cook many delicious meals.

 Our cleaning technicians can clean your stove top, microwave, & surrounding cupboards. Clean and disinfect the refrigerator exterior and wipe down the inside of your fridge. Sweep the floor and mop if needed. Take out the trash and recycling bin.

A cleaned kitchen with stainless steel appliances and white cabinets


The bathroom is often times the dirtiest part of your home or business and for good reason, our cleaning technicians understand that having a clean and sanitized bathroom is important to your daily life.

Our excellent maid service will put in the extra time and effort to make sure that your bathroom is absolutely spotless. With our deep cleaning methods, we will not only make your bathroom look clean but also sanitize it in ways that it rarely ever is.

Our cleaning staff will perform a thorough cleaning of your living space or business establishment by wiping down all accessible bathroom surfaces, cleaning the toilet, sink, & shower/tub, mopping, sweeping, and/or vacuuming the floor. As well as emptying wastebaskets/taking out the trash.

Flexible Routine


No matter how often or little you need us to come, or if you need us in a pinch, we’re there for all your apartment cleaning needs



If we wouldn’t use the products in our own home we certainly won’t use them in yours. We only use the highest-quality cleaners available!



Have a party to plan, or a surprise visit from the in-laws? Not a worry! We’ll do our best to make even the tightest schedules work.


Your bedroom is a place that’s close to your heart and we absolutely respect that. Having a messy bedroom can create so much unneeded anxiety  Your personal space, refuge, and sanctuary. We’ll create an environment with your comfort in mind so that you can feel at home while we work in the background. We will take every step to ensure that your bedroom looks as good as ever. Some of the procedures that our cleaning crew will perform include deep carpet cleaning, a wipedown of all surfaces, dusting of light fixtures and switches, and making the bed.

Our cleaning experts will also make sure to sweep the floor, wipe and disinfect every mirror as well as take out any trash. Our reliable cleaning service will make sure to leave everything in your bedroom in its place because our house cleaners know how important your room set up is to you. 

A cleaned and tidied bedroom with a bed on risers

Living Room and Common Areas

Leave the cleaning up to our professional cleaners as keeping a clean and tidy space can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Our professional cleaners will help alleviate this unneeded pressure by leaving your living space sparkling. We offer a deep clean of your home’s common areas, including vacuuming couch debris, polishing light switches, and scrubbing floors. We also offer other services such as in-depth carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

Lobby that has been deep cleaned and disinfected

Looking for Commercial Cleaning?

 Are you interested in giving commercial deep cleaning a try for your business? Have you ever tried another cleaning company and found yourself disappointed in their lackluster results? This type of trustworthy cleaning service would normally cost a fortune but we offer all of this and more at an affordable price. We make it easy to not only get a clean home but to find a package and rate that works for you. Click below to go to our online booking form to give our deep cleaning service a try.